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Our B2C division works hard to provide travel solution to Tourists from India and Abroad. You can contact our offices in Kolkata or Siliguri or visit one of the following websites for more information about travelling in India and Abroad.


This is our B2C website. The website is under contineous development and will eventually come out to be one of the best combination of ground knowledge and technology in any travel website.

Already the website has a few firsts for a travel website from Eastern India. There are searchable packages with instant costing that we call instapacks. These costing takes into consideration more than 20 variables including type of hotels you book, type of transport you want, number of adults and children in the group, the seasonality factor etc. As a result the package rates offered are one of the most complicated and most accurate. It gives you a lot of flexibility to customise your requirements.

For more on this website please visit the website


East Himalaya used to be our flagship website and the leader in travel sites for Eastern Himalayan region. The site was launched in 2002 and received instant recognition and fan following among travel buffs. east-himalaya.com is a static site which means managing this site of few hundread pages is a very difficult task. We have made every effort to keep the site updated with changing times, but in the new technology era, this is one of the few old world travel websites with major emphasis on providing information to the visitors.

We plan to relaunch east-himalaya.com to a new dynamic website sometime in 2014.

visit the first major travel portal of Eastern Himalaya

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